At LightBurst Broadband, we have the speeds you need to run your business and the technical knowledge to keep the system running efficiently so you can focus on what is important. We will help you determine the speed that will best fit your business requirements based on things such as your number of employees and offices, sales transactions, file transfers, the frequency of employees using the Internet or e-mail, and many other aspects. A custom fit solution to your Internet needs.

Choose from our business-class Internet speeds…


20/1 Mbps

$ 39 .95 / Month
  • Supports multiple devices in your office
  • Pairs with Burst-up package for more upstream
  • Lightning fast connection for streaming

40/2 Mbps

$ 64 .95 / Month
  • Supports multiple devices in your office
  • Never worry about buffering again.
  • Fast connection for multiple devices

60/5 Mbps

$ 79 .95 / Month
  • Supports multiple devices in your office
  • Never worry about buffering again.
  • Fast connection speed that is never shared.

100/10 Mbps

$ 99 .95 / Month
  • Most reliable internet in the area
  • LightBurst Broadband has you covered with speeds up to 100 Mbps.

100/100 Mbps

$ 109 .95 / Month
  • On our super fast fiber network
  • The ultimate business connection
  • Lightening fast downstream and upstream speeds.

More Gbps

Call for Price
  • Want even faster Internet access?
  • LightBurst Broadband now offer fiber Internet connections in select areas of Gunnison.

Offer available to business customers only in areas serviceable by LightBurst Broadband. Prices do not include taxes, surcharges and additional fees. Prices shown do not include installation charges if required, or equipment. Services and pricing subject to change. Services are subject to LightBurst Broadband’s terms, conditions and Internet Service Acceptable-Use Policy. Some computers may require additional network interface equipment prior to installation and is the responsibility of the customer. Customer provided equipment must meet minimum requirements. High Speed Internet service is limited to a single connection per business location. Download and upload speeds are not guaranteed but may be up to the advertised speed. Actual DSL connection speeds are based on sync rates and may be up to 15% lower due to network requirements and may vary for reasons such as customer location, web sites accessed, Internet congestion, customer owned equipment, line quality and distance from central office or remote equipment. Fiber connections may require additional outside plant construction that may impact the delivery date of services. Please call to discuss your specific needs.